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the evolutionary genesis engine and artificial life

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October 6, 2015

Byens Lys

Leroy Cronin

Cronin is the Regius Professor of Chemistry in the School of Chemistry at the University of Glasgow. The focus of Cronin’s work is understanding and controlling self-assembly and self-organisation in Chemistry to develop functional molecular and nano-molecular chemical systems; linking architectural design with function and recently engineering system-level functions. Homepage

Jakob Schmid

Electronic musician Jakob Schmid, has been making music on computers for decades, starting in the early 90s and has recently released the soundtrack for the award-winning video game ‘140’, which is a fusion of several genres, including techno, dubstep, and ambient. Homepage

MOTORSAW aka Sune Petersen

Sune is on a constant quest to improve his own custom made live visual instrument that allows intuitive improvisation. With his instruments Sune has performed live visuals at various venues and festivals. "International VJ and digital artist Sune Petersen unveils the secret of his approach to vjing and his 'visuals instruments.' While produced in vvvv, Sune's work tends to have more noise, more texture, more soul and more subtle control than most VJ sets you'll come across, whatever the software." Homepage

What is life? How did life start on planet earth 3.5 billion years ago, and which molecules / chemical systems lead to biology? Could evolution be the ultimate creationist? Is there a general theory of evolution that extends to all matter? Can we make or evolve life from scratch in a matter of hours?

This first episode of the new series of Science & Cocktails begins with the research lead by a man who is trying to answer one of the most fundamental questions in human history: how did life begin? Did it come in a comet which collided with the planet earth? Instead of tracing back the past of the evolution process and find what originated the first biological organisms, Leroy Cronin is trying to create life from scratch in his laboratory.

In the middle of all the 3D printed laboratory equipment, a bunch of chemists at the Cronin Lab are trying to understand what is the minimal chemical system that can undergo Darwinian evolution, that is, purely chemical systems which lead to autonomous entities capable of replication and adaptive behaviour. Cronin, the man who has appeared in the show Through the Wormhole by Morgan Freeman, will explain the details of his experiments and discuss how major steps are being made towards creating new types of synthetic biology and hence arriving closer and closer to the ultimate recipe of the primordial soup.

Afterwards, chilled primordial cocktails created before life even existed, and while the electronic music of Jakob Schmid and the visuals of MOTORSAW will be live on stage. Schmid will play a set of tracks, temporally and spectrally transformed into completely unrecognizable sounds by an experimental piece of software that he is currently working on. A spacey, atmospheric and weird experience accompanied by the highly complex visual patterns created by MOTORSAW.

Entrance to the event is free. No registration is necessary. Doors open at 19:00.

The talk: