This is your brain in space

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May 10, 2016

Byens Lys

Rachael Seidler

Associate Professor of Movement Science, School of Kinesiology, at the University of Michigan and Director of the Neuromotor Behavior Laboratory. Her research interests include the cognitive neuroscience of motor control and skill acquisition, as well as the interaction between structural and functional brain changes with age and motor performance. Homepage

Barop Ameisenbär

The finest spacefolk from Germany. Acoustic instruments - guitar, piano, bass, organ - blended with electronic sounds. Homepage

What happens to the body in space? Why is movement different in space? Does spaceflight change the brain? If so, how? What countermeasures exist for the untoward effects of spaceflight on the body? What are the challenges to the future of human space exploration?

Our central nervous system has evolved in an environment where we feel the force of gravity. What happens when we live, work, and move in the absence of gravity?

Most people have seen video footage of astronauts gracefully floating through space. What they may not realise is that adaptation to microgravity is maladaptive for movement control upon return to Earth. Astronauts experience difficulty with balance and coordination for several weeks after long duration spaceflights.

In this session of Science & Cocktails, Rachael Seidler will provide an overview of spaceflight induced changes in human physiology with a particular focus on sensorimotor control and adaptive brain plasticity and will also discuss current countermeasure approaches and challenges to the future of human space exploration.

Afterwards, floating cocktails and yet another question: What are the effects of space folk on your body? Barop Ameisenbär will help you find out as they launch their music into orbit. Traditional acoustic instruments are jazzed up with synthesizers and other electronic sounds. Their compositions are well-earthed and yet escape the force of gravity. Come aboard on this musical spaceflight. This is your brain on space folk.

Entrance to the event is free. No registration is necessary. Doors open at 19:00.

The talk: