Faster than forecast

the story ice tells about abrupt anthropocene climate change

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October 8, 2016

Byens Lys

Jason Box

Jason Box is professor of glaciology at the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) and has made more than 20 expeditions to Greenland, contributed to the fourth IPCC assessment report. He is the leader of the Dark Snow Project - the first crowdfunded Arctic expedition. Homepage. Twitter: @climate_ice


Copenhagen-based OKAT has received a lot of attention since her debut soul and R’n’B EP Something Better in May 2015. At Roskilde Festival 2016, her strong live vocals led to an energy-packed show. Since her debut, she has played at Distortion Ø, Jolene, Rust, Bas Under Buen, Loppen, Spillestedet Stengade, Karussel etc. OKAT has also been nominated for the Scandinavian Soul Awards for two consecutive years. Her recent debut "OKAT & Jah Highness' Spit it Out will put you in a dope state of mind" has received 5 stars from Gaffa and she is now working on her first international release with the San Francisco-based record Label Bunkr. Homepage.

The changes in climate: one of the most debated scientific topics in the history of humankind. Scientists, activists and politicians all have engaged in it. But despite being a topic that has received a great deal of attention in numerous yearly climate conferences, there is a widespread lack of knowledge of the current state of climate on Earth. Have all the predictions from the scientific community come true? How serious are the changes of climate to the future of the planet? Have any significant changes been made by political forces?

The new season of Science & Cocktails begins with the recently discovered tale of the life-story of the Greenland ice. The temperature rise in the Arctic in the past two decades has pushed Greenland ice to tell us some of its secrets. It turns out that ice is extremely sensitive to changes in climate and seems to be melting faster than any forecast. But what are the impacts of the melting of the ice sheet, other than sea level rise? How much ice is the Arctic losing compared to Antarctica? Is the sea level rise constant around the world? What will happen in the future?

Jason Box, one of the world’s experts on the Greenland ice sheet, will explain what are the physical causes of the melting of the ice sheet and tell us how scientists make forecasts based on theoretical models and what they take into account. Jason Box will argue that there are many factors that have not been taken into account in these forecasts and therefore that the Greenland ice sheet will continue melting faster than any prediction made until now.

What will it take to stabilise climate change? You’ll find out.

Afterwards, a new menu of delicious smoky cocktails with melting ice available at the bar while OKAT will be performing live on stage with DJ and producer Mighty Mala and choir singer Berrin Bas. After an energy-packed show at this year’s Roskilde Festival, OKAT is on its way to establishing itself as one of the few female acts on an otherwise male-dominated scene around the Danish hip hop and bass culture. OKAT covers many music genres and effortlessly moves from sensitive neo-soul to attitude-full, heavy, dubbed bass.

Entrance to the event is free. No registration is necessary. Doors open at 19:00.

The talk: