Universe or Multiverse?

To the Edge of Time with Stephen Hawking

6 October 2018

Byens Lys

Thomas Hertog

Thomas Hertog is professor of theoretical physics at University of Leuven (KUL). He was Hawking’s PhD student and also one of his long term collaborators. He works on string theory, gravity and cosmology. Homepage

Jakob Munck Mortensen

Made up languages, a deep voice, catchy melodies and a an audio landscape consisting of the ever present Omnichord, eerie choruses and detective-like moods from a parallel, almost familiar universe. Jakob says: "Tonight's music is a nod to "Adventures of the Omnichord" in the sounds of the past as well as a nod to W R, my duo with Mads Hyhne where we sing sentimental sci-fi songs from a remote present”.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen! Another round of Science & Cocktails begins with rising star cosmologist and string theorist, the man who published with Stephen Hawking countless times, Thomas Hertog.

Does time come to an end inside black holes? Do black holes exist forever? Did the universe have a beginning? Or was there something before the big bang? Is there only one universe or are there many? Can we hop from one universe to another? Why does the universe bother to exist at all? ? What was Stephen Hawking’s quantum theory of the origin of the universe?

This is Thomas Hertog's description of this evening that will blow your mind:
Stephen Hawking once said “My goal is simple: It is a complete understanding of the universe.” I have been fortunate to collaborate with Hawking to work towards this goal.

Our search for a deeper understanding led us to realms of our universe at the edges of time. The end of time deep inside black holes, and the beginning of time at the big bang. Quantum theory rules the world at those edges. Its fuzziness and uncertainty means out of the big bang does not emerge a single universe but many universes - a multiverse. The multiverse challenges science as we know it, and Hawking wasn’t pleased. Thus we set out to weave the multiverse into a proper scientific model that is testable within our own universe.

Universe or Multiverse? An inside story of how Hawking’s journey to the edges of time has reshaped our vision of the cosmos, and of ourselves.

Afterwards, chilled cocktails with new flavours and Adventures of the Omnichord, a project by Jakob Munck Mortensen, with rock, waltz, latin, foxtrot and swing to make you dive into the multiverse.

Entrance to the event is free. Event held in English. No registration is necessary. Doors open at 19:00. CASH ONLY.